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A Family

Meet the A family… Cool, rowdy, and super, super photogenic!

I had such a great time up in Park City with this family and got some AMAZING images from it.

This is their first shoot in 9 YEARS!

And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. A previous family said they hadn’t had pictures done since their wedding… and they are approaching 60 years of age!

I can’t stress enough how timeless images are for your family. I realize that it’s always a stretch to get them done… Paying a photographer, buying outfits, sometimes taking off work.

But, if you don’t make a priority to document your family’s growth, who will?

I take ours every year, if not, every two years at the very latest. We change so much and looking back on these images will create a legacy for future generations to come.

Besides that, sit back and enjoy this beautiful family and by golly, enjoy this amazing fall weather!


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